From Undecided to Decided

Here it goes.

Bob, aka don quixote, has written a post on why he votes. Sam, aka mobygunner, has written a post on why he doesn't vote. (I think it is funny we all have codenames.)

Previously, I stated that I was going to write in Larry Carter. That was the truth. That is what I really planned on doing. But things changed.

People always give me a guilt trip that if I don't vote for one of the two party candidates, then I'm wasting my vote. I just don't buy that. When you don't want either of them equally, then how do you decide which one to not vote for? That's really what we're doing. Many of us are going to go into the polling station and "not vote" for someone. That's what I've decided I'm going to do.

If you read Sam's blog at the top, you will know why I was torn on who to vote for. One political party is focused on acts of righteousness and the other political party are focused on acts of justice. I want to be a "righteous" nation, a nation that tries to live according to the standards of the Bible. I do think I have a problem with Christians, who are more than likely a minority in our nation, trying to force unbelievers that they need to live to the same moral standard as those who believe, but that is another blog for another day. I have no problem living in a "righteous" nation. I also want to live in a "just" nation. A nation where the powerful are treated equally with the poor. A nation where the rich share their wealth rather than hoard it. A nation where the poor are fed, trained, and helped to further their lives. Unfortunately, the two parties don't seem to come to a point where we can say one of the parties in America is God's party. They are divided on the two things that they need to be joined on, justice and righteousness.

One of the guys has just become so scary, that, to much chagrin, I now feel I must vote for one of the two major candidates. And since I live in Ohio, my vote will count more. :)

So here is what happened.

John Kerry just kept talking. He kept talking and talking and talking. And in my mind, you could substitute lying for each use of the word talking in the previous two sentences.

The three things that really did me in is when they started saying that Bush will take away people's Social Security, Bush will institute a draft, and that Bush was irresponsible in the way he handled the weapon's stash at the Al-Qaqaa facility.

All three are lies, and Kerry must be either a liar or extremely incompetent in order to believe them. I came to the conclusion that someone doesn't reach the position he has reached by being extremely incompetent.

Scaring old ladies into voting for you by telling them George Bush is going to remove their social security when Bush has said he wouldn't is ridiculous. My grandma is already a tried and true Democrat. She is such a democrat that I worry she will stuff the ballot boxes while volunteering at the polling station tomorrow. There is no need to round up your old lies that were also shared by Gore in 2000. Bush didn't cut Social Security then. And he has said he won't now. I trust the guy. I think Kerry is a liar.

Then, Kerry tries to scare young, ignorant, fresh blood of the 18-22 year olds with this draft hogwash. The bill to institue a draft that was voted down in the House of Representatives was written and proposed by Democrats. Then you're trying to say Bush wants a draft. I'm going to have to come to the conclusion that you are trying to take advantage of all the stupid people who vote. You know the people who never watch the news and come to a conclusion on who to vote for by all the rumors floating around. I think Kerry is a liar.

And then finally, the Al-Qaqaa story continued to reveal that Kerry will stoop to any level to try and win this election. It appears that the arms were already gone when we arrived there. But then again, if Kerry can get a headline, he will be able to convert all of the ignorant masses by his lies. I'm sick of liars, and I think Kerry is a liar.

Bush has some things that I am uncomfortable with too. Halliburton really gives me the skeevie-jeebies. I think Dick Cheney has profited from this decision. No-bid contracts when the company that you are automatically giving the contract to is the company you used to be president isn't the right way of doing things.

And then we have the whole lie to get us into the war in Iraq. I really don't think Bush lied. He was deceived by the information just like Kerry was. The world was deceived by the information. Unfortunately, our intelligence wasn't better.

Then we have the fact that I believe in non-violence. I don't think either of the candidates share any common ground with me on this issue. Maybe Kerry does, but he doesn't portray himself as he does. He might've received my vote if he stood for what I think he really believes on this issue. But he probably would've lost a lot of other votes. I'm sure he has polls to tell him.

Anyway, I'm going to go into the polling booth tomorrow and vote for Bush.

Now, don't even get me going on the local and state elections. I don't even know what the people stand for. All I've ever seen is ads in the paper with slogans about what they would do. This is democracy in work. I think I am going to abstain from voting on them. But I wish I could.

Long live the king.

Watch out for potholes.