From Ohio to Kerry - Please go with dignity

I haven't been feeling well, so I fell asleep early tonight. However, I've been up for a while now. This might be outdated news by the time many of you read it. I sure hope it is. It's weird having the networks talk about your state all evening. I feel special.

Maybe they aren't taught this in Massachusetts, but in Ohio one thing we are all taught growing up is to lose graciously - or as the playground talk called it, to not be a sore loser. Would somebody please go and wake Senator Kerry up and tell him to go to apply that important principle we all had to learn in elementary school.

You can label not accepting your loss whatever you want. I have heard many sports fans blame a loss on poor officiating. You can't change the rules after the game to have effect in the game that was already played. Accept your loss. Then if you feel there needs to be some changes made, go about making them. You will have much more credibility in making changes if it isn't for your personal gain.

I have heard many fired workers blame their boss. Most of us have, and in the back of our minds on most occasions we think that it is the person's fault they were fired; they're just blaming their boss. It looks bad on the fired person if they complain about their boss after being fired. And it looks bad on Mr. Kerry if he doesn't accept his failure with dignity.

Claiming that you're trying to protect people's votes is like complaining about poor officiating after a sporting loss. Now isn't the time. Put laws in place before the elections. Everything that is at issue in Ohio concerning provisional ballots has already been decided by the courts. Please accept what has already been decided. Nobody likes a sore loser. Well, I take that back. Apparently some people do, but most of us in Ohio who were taught many of the lessons of life on the playground don't like them.

Please go down with dignity.