a Playground Prayer

When tucking Isaac in tonight, I asked him what he wanted to thank God for; he chose playgrounds.

I've decided to write a Playground Prayer.

We thank you for everything - especially for playgrounds. Although it is cold outside now and we haven't visited one for a while we remember the happiness we experienced there. We remember sliding and climbing, we remember running and swinging. We remember laughing and being comforted after falling.

Thank you for playgrounds. Thank you Father.

We ask that when we experience the joy of a playground in the future that we will be reminded of you. Help us to turn every moment of happiness into moments of worship to you. We want our moments of joy on the playground to bring glory to you. Help us to turn our playground experiences into worship experiences.

In your Son's name we pray,
Let it be.


I found a story encouraging. Some people got injured at the Macy's Parade, but they aren't suing.


I want to write a post soon entitled "Not an Ivory Tower but a City on a Hill," but I just haven't figured it all out. So if you want to be creative and write a blog based on that title, it would be a neat experience. I will share it here.

Watch out for the potholes.