Good Science - Too Much Cola a Day Can Hurt You

The Headline read "Too Much Cola Can Cause Muscle Problems."

I clicked on the link wondering if my one or two colas a day will kill me.

"Greek researchers who conducted a review of people who drank between two to nine liters of cola a day."

Two to nine liters! You got to be kidding me. Everyday? I am amazed at the fact they are still living. The study should have been on how they continue living drinking that much cola a day. That is amazing. They should be dead.

One 21-year old pregnant woman "complained of fatigue, appetite loss and persistent vomiting." Well, let's see. It can't possibly be the three liters of cola she drinks a day. Let's try to figure out what else it could be. Could it be the baby? She probably used to drink three liters a day without any problems. Maybe we can get her to take the right meds.

My friends and I used to have 2-liter parties in junior high and high school. We would all get together and drink a 2-liter each through the eight or so hours we were up. I do not know what our parents were thinking in allowing it. We would feel like we were hit by a train the next day.

To keep drinking two liters day in and day - who would ever do that? To drink three two liters a day despite persistent vomiting. Wow.

Church Differently

I dream of a different kind of church.

I want to gather together to worship God with friends, not strangers. I want to be able to be myself all the time. I want to drive by houses and not be able to resist the urge to stop in and say hi to dear friends. I want to share meals together and learn together. I want to go on vacation together. I want to enjoy life fully, with friends in Christ. I want Christ to be in every part of my life, transforming me and those around me. I want to see Christ in my friends and let it transform me. I want to share my needs and know they will be met. I want to hear friends’ needs and for them to know they will be met. I want to be transparent and to be surrounded by others who are transparent. I want to share my beliefs and not be ostracized or condemned because they might be different. I want to kick back and have a drink once and a while with friends in Christ without feeling like someone will judge me. I want to be myself without being judged. I want to eat curly fries with friends in Christ, be messy on my face and hands and not be afraid to kiss others and make them messy. I want to get together with my spiritual family, not strangers, every Sunday. I want the church I am part of to be so much more. I want us to be friends in Christ. Real, transparent friends reflecting Christ’s glory. I want to be part of Christ’s church.

Now it’s time to wake up from this dream and make it a reality. Let’s be the church rather than just continue pretending and doing “church”.


This post was more thoroughly examined, due to conflict that arose from it in my local church, at Church Differently - Pickled and Parsed.