I tried Qtrax.

Well, I tried Qtrax today and it was not even working. I could not get past the registration page. I hear that you could open the registration page in a web browser and register that way, but the downloads are not even working. What a botched launch. I might try it again in a month or so if they have the kinks worked out. Until then, I will continue listening to the music that I have purchased legally waiting for the free and legal downloads in the future.

Heck, I will even click on their advertising buttons once in a while because I know people get paid for clicking on those advertising buttons (hint. hint.).

The Music Revolution Begins Tonight at Midnight - Free and Legal Downloads

I am a happy camper today. The record companies have conceded defeat to declining sales and the pirates of the world.

I will be downloading a lot of music tomorrow (there is no way I will stay up till midnight just to do this - now if schoolwork keeps me up till then, we'll see). Free and legal. What a wonderful world.

Qtrax. Enjoy.

My prediction days are done

Well, the big lie did not come this week. Maybe one will come before Super Tuesday. We will have to wait and see.

I do know I will be cheering on the Giants for the Super Bowl, but I will not predict a winner.

I dislike our culture of prediction.

Countdown to the Lie

Only one and a half more days until the Clintons tell a major lie about Obama. I will be waiting.

Updated the other bloggers list

Wow. I did some maintenance to weed out the delinquent blogs, and I came to the conclusion that the blogging fad is not what it once was when I was blogging every day.

If you know of someone that I know that has a blog that has been updated in the last three months or more frequently, feel free to let me know about it and I will add it to the list.

Also, I added a new blog there.

Fighting the Goblin Queen

Last night I had a dream where I was fighting a Goblin Queen wearing a white dress. Really weird stuff. Anyway, I went to elbow her really hard in the face (I guess I am not non-violent at my core). Apparently, my dream was being acted out in reality. I elbowed Lyla, who was eating right next to me, hard in the head. She seemed to not notice. Lindsay said something and woke me up. Lyla is okay, but I felt terrible.

What Lie Will Hilary Tell About Obama This Friday?

I have noticed a trend in the Hilary vs. Barak campaign. The day before the election, Hilary will hit hard at Obama by telling a lie about him. She tells the lie only one day before the voting because it does not give Obama a chance to give a rebuttal.

The first lie came the day before the election in New Hampshire. This lie stood out to me the most because I wish it was true. Hilary proclaimed through flyers handed out that Obama was pro-life. Now, I know that he is not pro-life; he is about as pro-choice as they come. Being the political geek that I am, I listened to the senator debates online (when I had more time in this life) when he was running for Illinois Senator against Alan Keyes. He is definitely pro-choice.

Then last Friday, the day before the Nevada caucuses, Hilary starts proclaiming that that Obama is for the Yucca Mountain nuclear waste storage and against legalized gambling. Both lies again. Obama has explicity stated that he is against the Yucca Mountain program and he likes to play poker. True, he did vote against gambling initiatives while in the state house, but that does not mean he is against legalized gambling across the board. It means that he was against those specific initiatives.

Saturday will be the South Carolina primary. I am placing my money that there will be a Hilary lie about Obama on Friday.

The Best Freeware for Your Computer - Easy How To Clean Up and Speed Up Your Computer

Last edited: February 2, 2015

My computer, which celebrated its first birthday a few weeks ago, was lagging terribly. If possible, I try to not pay for my software. I play around with a lot of freeware registry cleaners, firewalls, anti-virus, and the like. It was time to fix the problem, so I searched around for what were the newest and best programs to get a computer running like new. This list is a compilation of what I installed, ran, and used. It successfully made my computer run like new. The programs on this list are made for the non-expert who just wants to install some programs, run them once in a while, and make their computer run better. I choose the simpler programs because I have to install them on my father-n-law's computer and he needs to be able to use them. All of these are free of charge for personal use. Just make sure you click on the right downloads on the respective download pages.

Here are my picks.

Best Cleaner:
SlimCleaner - It removes temp files, history, and other junk that can take up space and compromise your privacy.

Best Disk Defragmenter:
Auslogics Disk Defrag - It's a fast defragmenter that you can set and forget. If you have an SSD hard drive, do not run a disk defrag.

Best Free Spyware Program:
Super Anti-Spyware - This is a new one that I recently downloaded and it removed a lot of stuff that Spyware Doctor left on my computer. I recommend running two different spyware programs because they will each find some that the other left untouched.

I also run Malwarebytes Anti-Malware. This is a great program that helps sniff out things that other programs might not.

Best Toolbar Remover:
Adwcleaner - This is a program that searches for and deletes Adware, Toolbars, Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUP), and browser Hijackers from your computer.

Best Driver Updater:
SlimDrivers - It updates system drivers to make your computer run better. It prevents device errors and can even lend quicker repairs to future problems.

Best Program Remover:
PC Decrapifier - It helps remove programs, unnecessary startup items and icons that can slow down your PC.
Following is some other freeware that I use that is not security or maintenance related.

Best Photo Program:
Picasa - This program does it all and makes it very convenient to order photos.

Fix Windows 8:
Classic Shell - Turn Windows 8 into something that look, feels, and operates like Windows 7.

Best WordPad Replacement:
EditPad Lite - I use this on my computer whenever I would have used WordPad. It is a great program.

Best Office Suite:
LibreOffice - If you want to be legal and legit, this is a free office software suite. It's like Microsoft Office but free. It is what I use on my computers that I have not purchased all of the Microsoft software. I just set the program to save the file in Word or Excel format so the files are quickly available to email to a teacher, friend, or anyone for that matter.

Best Adobe PDF replacement:
Foxit Reader - Adobe is bulky. This is fast. Allows you to open, view, create and print any PDF file.

Best Bible Program:
WordSearch Basic - This is my downloaded Bible of choice. It is a free entry-level Bible software platform for anyone who desires to read and study God's Word.

Although I found some of these freeware on my own, I must also give recognition to Gizmo's Tech Support Alert, which highlighted some of the software I was not using. Gizmo provides a much more thorough list of freeware for almost every possible use.

I am still waiting for a Presidential Candidate - Trying to shape a Christian political view

I might have once been a one-issue voter. When I was, it was much easier to find a Presidential candidate to support. After some self-examination, I have discovered that I am now a three-issue voter. You would think with only three issues I would be able to find a candidate that would line up with my views. But I cannot.

My views really are not that radical. Different candidates proclaim allegiance to each of them, but not one candidate has all three of them. Mike Huckabee has two of them. Barack Obama has two of them sharing one with Huckabee. Hilary and Rudy might share in one of them depending on whether they really have #3. Fred Thompson has none of them. I do not really know what John McCain believes. John Edwards appears to share two of them. Am I alone in caring about these three things? Is there nobody else that wants these three together? Why is it no politician stands for these three?

The three things:

1. Against abortion

2. Quick to negotiate and slow to enter a war.

3. Desires to implement programs to genuinely help the lower middle class and lower prosper.

These are actually very broad and a candidate could believe in these points and vary on the fine points.

A candidate could be completely against abortion, yet difer on how they would like to implement it. I would prefer a push towards a vast adoption system where nobody has to raise a child and incurs no cost besides childbirth that they do not want even if they made decisions that were irresponsible. I do not know of a single Democrat that holds this position. I wish there was.

In regards to war, I wish we would make an about face and become like Switzerland. I am studying WWI and there were Americans that were arguing for us to become neutral like Switzerland in regard to all wars prior to our involvement in WWI. Obviously, we have chosen to become intimately involved in almost every conflict throughout the world in recent times. It is a major change (and waste of resources) from who we were a century ago, but it is never too late to change course and become neutral in all wars.

Obviously, I am willing to give on this one a little since I do not believe that my view is politically viable. I pray that it will be some day. (Maybe I am a big compromiser.) What is politically viable right now is to be slow to go to war and quick to negotiate. Sharing rhetoric like Huckabee did the other night when he proclaimed that Iranians would need to be ready to see the "gates of hell" is an example of what I am not looking for. In another sense, it does not seem all that Christ-like since Huckabee does wear his Christianity on his sleeve.

In regards to taking care of the poor, this is the broadest category. Most Republicans have the attitude that people should take care of themselves, which I agree with in principle; however, many people are out there in our nation that do not have the training to take care of themselves or the support system to help them get back on their feet when they fall. People who desire to help the poor will disagree on how that should be done. Recognizing that many people are in situations where they need help and it is the responsibility for the people around them to take care of them is what I am looking for. The government is just the collective people around them.

Many Christians say the church should take care of the poor. I agree with that, but until the poor are being taken care of by the church I cannot argue for the government to get out of taking care of the poor. Obviously, there was a need in the past or the government would not have stepped in. This situation was probably caused by a failure of the church to do what they claim should be done by them. Maybe it was caused by parishioners desiring that non-tithers also share in the expense. One would have to spend some time researching poverty in America and the church to see if this holds true.

Issues that are close to being on the list. I could explain each of these but I do now want to bore anyone.

- Protection for individuals against multi-national corporations
- a school voucher system
- tax system reform