What Lie Will Hilary Tell About Obama This Friday?

I have noticed a trend in the Hilary vs. Barak campaign. The day before the election, Hilary will hit hard at Obama by telling a lie about him. She tells the lie only one day before the voting because it does not give Obama a chance to give a rebuttal.

The first lie came the day before the election in New Hampshire. This lie stood out to me the most because I wish it was true. Hilary proclaimed through flyers handed out that Obama was pro-life. Now, I know that he is not pro-life; he is about as pro-choice as they come. Being the political geek that I am, I listened to the senator debates online (when I had more time in this life) when he was running for Illinois Senator against Alan Keyes. He is definitely pro-choice.

Then last Friday, the day before the Nevada caucuses, Hilary starts proclaiming that that Obama is for the Yucca Mountain nuclear waste storage and against legalized gambling. Both lies again. Obama has explicity stated that he is against the Yucca Mountain program and he likes to play poker. True, he did vote against gambling initiatives while in the state house, but that does not mean he is against legalized gambling across the board. It means that he was against those specific initiatives.

Saturday will be the South Carolina primary. I am placing my money that there will be a Hilary lie about Obama on Friday.