U.S. Army major: Lose evangelical Christian beliefs

An interesting article at World Net Daily deals with premillenialism and its influence on US foreign policy. It's really not an attack on evangelicals despite the title, but a warning about premillenialism.

U.S. Army major: Lose evangelical Christian beliefs

They conclude the article with a confusing reminder of link between Major Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan's attack at Fort Hood. I still do not know what that has to do with Brian L. Stuckert's paper or the belief that premillenialism is dangerous for United States foreign policy.

The Disappearance of the Middle Class

This article is great. One neat thing that Warren shows is that the average median income of a working man has not gone up since 1970. The only increase in family income is because the woman started working. What are we to do?

America Without a Middle Class