Repetition of Phrases in Modern Praise Songs Compared to some of the Good Old Hymns

I recently had a conversation with a person in our church about how repetitive the new songs are compared to the old hymns. This made me examine some of the hymns that we sing most regularly.

It is Well repeats the phrase "It is Well" 24 times. It is the king of abusing repetition.

It appears that repetition is not something exclusive to modern music. It is the nature of the chorus.

The only new song that we have introduced in our church is God of This City. More songs will be introduced gradually, but it had to be this song that caused the repetition comment. God of this City only repeats "There is no one like our God" eight times and "Greater things have yet to come" seven times. Although the song does use "greater things" twelve times. But it pales in comparison to the great classic "It is Well". It falls into trouble appearing repetitious in that it has a pre-chorus, whatever that is, and a chorus.

Have Thine Own Way, Lord, without any chorus repeats the phrase "Have thy own way" eight times.

I Have Decided to Follow Jesus repeats the phrase "follow Jesus" six times with the word "follow" used nine times.

How Great Thou Art repeats the phrase "How Great Thou Art" seventeen times.

I Must Tell Jesus repeats the phrase "I Must Tell Jesus" fifteen times. Just tell him already!

Repetition is not a question of new songs versus old songs. It is more of whether it is a repetition we are used to and like compared to a new repetition.