How To Make a YouTube Video Clip into a DVD for Free - MP4 to DVD Conversion

I was toying around the other day to get a YouTube video onto a DVD for a church presentation. I spent over three hours trying to figure this out with free software. I give it to you in this nice, easy guide.

Anyway, copyright laws should be adhered to. Only download something that is legal to download and present.

This is what I did.

1. Use Firefox, download, and install the Easy YouTube Video Downloader add-on.

2. On the YouTube video clip that you want, you will now see a "Download Video As" with the options of FLV, 3GP, and MP4. Click on the MP4 option. This will download the MP4 to your computer in the location you choose rather than just allowing you to watch it on YouTube.  Remember the location.

3. has a whole package of software.  You will need to download Free Video to DVD converter and Free DVD Video Burner. You can ignore all of the others.  The names, although lacking creativity are self-explanatory, Free Video to DVD will be the program you use to change the file from an MP4 to a DVD and Free DVD Video Burner will burn the resulting DVD file onto your blank DVD.  Install them both prior to moving to the next step.

4.  Insert your blank disc into your computer and close out the autoplay box. 

5.  In Free Video To DVD Converter all you need to do is select the downloaded file after clicking "browse" in the "input files" section.  If it is a smaller file, you might as well change the quality to high in the "presets" section.  It will tell you at the bottom if the file is still small enough.  The higher the quality, the better it will look on your television.  You don't want it to go to the right of the line next to DVD if you are burning onto a regular DVD.  Once you have all the selections made, click "CreateDVD."

6. Free Video To DVD Converter will automatically open Free DVD Video Burner and burn after changing the MP4 into a DVD file.  It is easiest if you already have the disc you want to burn in your computer and choose "Start DVD burner and begin a recording process."

5. Wait for you DVD to burn. Pop it out and watch in the DVD player of your choice.

Have fun and stay legal.