Palin, Romeny, and Obama - The New Rasmussen Poll - But Where is Huckabee?

The new Rasmussen poll is out focusing on the 2012 elections. I do have to admit that speculating about the 2012 elections is more interesting than the Sotamayor hearings. 2012 Match-ups.



The interesting thing is that 10% of the population will really decide the election. I doubt the core numbers will change all that much. It also shows that Palin would have a tough time catching up.

The main thing I wonder after seeing this poll is, "Where is Huckabee?" My more libertarian friends will wonder where Ron Paul is, but Huckabee received nearly the same amount of votes as Romney during the 2008 Republican primaries. Although that number is slightly skewed by Huckabee having stayed in for a month longer. Huckabee dropped out on March 4, 2008 while Romney dropped out on February 7, 2008. Romney won 10 states while Huckabee won 7 states, two of them coming on February 9, immediately after Romney dropped. Huckabee did win more delegates than Romney. Huckabee was picking up steam during the campaign while Romney was petering out, and he also did it while the media was only focusing on Romney and McCain. It goes to show that people liked Huckabee the more they knew him while people disliked Romney the more they new him.

Personally, it would be tough for me to vote for Romney, ever. I wrote about the main reason I dislike him a couple years ago. Romney's bribe? The Pharmaceutical companies and Mitt Romney.

I am going to shoot Rasmussen a question asking why they did not poll Huckabee against Obama.

Dear Rasmussen Reports,

Thanks for all of the interesting polls. I do appreciate them.

As a concerned blogger, I am writing to ask why you did not poll Huckabee against Obama. I would be very curious to see what the result would be. Are there any plans to do this in the near future?

Thanks for your time.

Regan ****

Hopefully, they answer. Personally, Huckabee would be the only of these three candidates that I would consider voting for over Obama at the present time.


Personal Pastoral & Political Dislaimer:

As a disclaimer on a political blog post concerning my role as a pastor with political views, I do not express these views to be divisive. Part of me wonders if it is unwise to express them on this blog now, but I value authenticity and transparency. I believe that the church should be filled with people of all political persuasions. I also think that each individual should let their faith shape their political views. But it is not for me to decide anyone's political views. That is between the person and God, not me and the person. In church gatherings, I will always remain politically neutral, although I will have views about loving God and loving our neighbors that will be expressed and will stray into political areas without actually condoning or endorsing a political candidate or position. We, as Christians and a nation, need to learn how to love and work with those we disagree with. Not demonize or hurt one another.