John Day - Reading Through the Book of John

On Saturday, July 18, from at 9-1, the Antwerp Church of Christ will host a reading of the book of John.

Through reading the book in one complete setting, it is our hope that we might see the big picture and let the writings of the apostle John to transform our mind. Too often, we miss the overarching themes of the books of the Bible because we read a verse here or a chapter there.

John is such a great book. It was the last of the four Gospels to be written. Through the telling of the life of Jesus, John is trying to train and correct the church from unfruitful beliefs and practices it has developed in the sixty years since its establishment. His main focus is love; it is apparent that the church of the first 90s, like the church of our time, struggled with loving one another.

We will follow up the reading with a free lunch to talk about the book of John. This will not be a class or a lecture, but an open discussion to share with our feelings and thoughts with one another after having read through the entire book of John.

People of any religious or non-religious background are welcome. We are just reading a book of the Bible and not trying to impose any one view of it. We hope to, through the guidance of the Spirit, let it change us rather than have us make it say what we want it to say.

All translations of the Scripture are also welcomed.