My first conversation with Jabberwacky

Well I tried to converse with Jabberwacky. It was a complete waste of time. Not as much of a waste as the time you might waste reading it though.

Jabberwacky: How are you today?

User: Doing well, yourself.

Jabberwacky: I'm doing fine.

User: That's good.

Jabberwacky: Are you cheerful today?

User: I guess so. it's been a good day so far. I'm looking forward to lunch.

Jabberwacky: Lunch is nice, but here it's 7:00.

User: Too bad. I guess we won't do lunch together. what do you like to eat?

Jabberwacky: It depends how hard you throw them.

User: My fastball isn't what it used to be.

Jabberwacky: At what time were your perceptions optimum?

User: You're beginning to confuse me.

Jabberwacky: HOw so?

User: I never mentioned that my perceptions were not optimum. Now I must admit that they probably are not, but that is in a metaphysical sense.

Jabberwacky: Like Pogs.

User: Well, I can see how one can get metaphysics and pogs confused.

Jabberwacky: Thank you again. I am happy to confuse you.

User: I'm not confused. you are. I'm happily waiting just a few more minutes until lunch.

Jabberwacky: It's crude to make jokes to someone you don't know about regnancy. If it was a joke.

User: Well, I see that this is about as fun as talking to an Indian customer service rep that I cannot understand.

Jabberwacky: Apparently nothing of interest to YOU, you soulless monstrosity.

User: Later.

Jabberwacky: It's too late for that.

Artificial intelligence has a long way to go.