Who is this Paul?

An anonymous person wrote this in reply to my last post:

"who is this paul youre talking about?"

My reply became a little longer than I intended, so I decided to make it a post. Here it is in all its uncensored glory.

For starters, I will assume that you're not the same bitter and soon to be legendary Mr. Anonymous that posted previously and are someone that just doesn't know who Paul is.

Paul is an apostle of Christ who spread the teachings of Christ throughout much of the Roman empire. He wrote many letters that are included in the New Testament including the section from 2 Corinthians posted above. So it was what he wrote.

Now, if you are the bitter Mr. Anonymous, I assume you are mocking that I said Paul wrote it and not God. See, I know you better than you think, Mr. Anonymous. Anyway, Paul was the writer, so I used Paul rather than God. I agree that God inspired him. But when I do a loving action that God has told me to do, people wouldn't describe it as God doing it. They would describe it as being able to see God through what I did. I doubt if you are the sinister Mr. Anonymous, that you would agree with me, but that is the way I see it. Each writer does have a different style and seems to have a different emphasis in their writings. That doesn't make the writings less inspired by God, but it does show that God didn't write them. He inspired humans, like Paul, to do the writing. And that doesn't make them fallible. If it does in your mind, I'm sorry. I believe those facts and don't feel the Bible is any less inspired. I feel the Bible is the authority on truth and the foundation for my faith in Jesus.

And if you're just one of my silly friends being crazy, you wasted five minutes of my time writing this and another five trying to find the link to the historical run of posts from Mr. Anonymous. Next time I see you I going to punch you (my friend, not Mr. Anonymous). (That's a joke, Mr. Anonymous. You can't use that to say I'm not right with God. Stick to the Twelve Monkeys bit. I'm non-violent.)

Have a good day.