Communicating With Companies

I contacted the Christian Standard about being a freelance writer for them. But I need your help. If you we're to choose a few of my best posts for publication, what would they be? If any? I want to rework them and submit them. Are there any that stick out in your head?


Lately, I've been on a kick of writing letters and emails to companies.

Today, I tried to contact ebay concering a few changes I would love to see them implement. The crazy thing with ebay is they don't have a way to communicate. You can only communicate with them if it is about specific issues that their menu system allows. I think I will just choose some randomness and hope that my email gets sent to the right place.

One, I would like ebay to allow another auction method. I hate snipers. For those of you who aren't ebay savvy, snipers are those individuals who wait till the last minute and bid just to snipe the auction out from the person currently winning it. I would like to see an auction that doesn't have a posted end time. The seller creates an end time when he lists the item; however, the end time is not shown on the page. I think it would result in items being sold for more, which would result in ebay making more money. I would like it much more.

Two, I would like ebay to create a mailing list for products like has for authors when they publish a new book. I could input the words that I want and when something new is put on ebay with those words, an email would be sent to me notifying me of it. This is necessary when it comes to my remote control that I've lost. Model #RM-C252-1H. When that pops up on ebay I want to be notified. I don't want to pay the $30 retail for a new remote.

Then I wrote Sound & Spirit, a subsidiary of BMG music.

We used to be members of this music club a few years back. Well, they called me about a month ago and told me what a great deal they have for me if I return as a member. It's appealing to us because I haven't bought a new cd in a while - meaning around a year. We would like the new Third Day, Jars of Clay, Caedmon's Call, Fernando Ortega, and Andrew Petersons. Whether they will be available or not is another question, especially now that Andrew is using an indy label. Bob keeps us posted on things like that.

Anyway, here is what I wrote them:

I just recently rejoined the club through a phone call from someone.
Then I came to login online and saw that the promotion there was buy one
cd, get 12 free. The offer I received was buy one cd, get 7 free. This doesn't
seem like a good business procedure to me. It makes me feel like I have been
ripped off. Is there any way I can get moved into the program that gives me the 5
extra cds?

xxxxx xxxx
I also wrote a suggestion to the Science Fiction Book Club:

I would love to have a wishlist option on the website. One of the
books in this month's grouping looks interesting, but I just don't have the
time to read it now. If I get the time in the future, I won't remember
it. I'm also too lazy to write it down; however, if you had a wishlist
option, I would put it in there. Then when the time came around that I
had extra time to read, you would have a sale because I would have the
book sitting in my wishlist.

Just a suggestion that would probably wind up with me buying more.

xxxxx xxxxm
I might have a little too much time on my hands.

And what is the spiritual lesson to be learned from all of this. As Pee Wee Herman stated while presenting the evidence of his bike in Pee Wee's Big Adventure, "I don't know."

The person who comes up with the best spiritual lesson to learned from my writing letters to companies will win absolutely nothing.

Watch out for the potholes.