Christmas Lights and Static Explosions from Selfish Drivers

I would like to continue my complaints about the less intelligent people in our society. This person had the appearance of being a nice, classy lady, but her actions tells me that she is dirty as can be in her core. Maybe I'm being too harsh, but she frustrated me.

We went to the Shell gas station in Coldwater, Michigan. I pulled up next to the gas pump, turned my car off, did all the necessary procedures and began to fill my car. I quitely stood next to the pump like I am supposed to.

Then an upper class 35 year-old white female pulls up in her nice, new Envoy to the pump next to me. She hops out while refraining from turning her car off. She then begins to start refueling. After the pumping begins, she proceeds to climb back into her running car and wait until the refueling process is over. The only thing she could've done that would've increased our chance of going up in a fiery inferno would be to smoke during the whole process.

At that moment I realized why the educational efforts to teach Africans to use condoms weren't working. I understood why people in Arab countries still celebrate by shooting bullets up in the air. Some people are just so stupid that you can't educate them. (I don't really believe that. I just feel that way while reliving this moment.)

For those who have been living isolated for too many years and haven't read all of the various warning signs that have decorated the gas pumps across America, here is a page from the National Safety Council on how to pump gas without increasing the risk of killing the family in the car next to you. Here is a page from the Petroleum Equipment Institute warning about static causing car explosions. I can't find a page that explains why having your car on while refueling may cause fires, but I take their word for it.

The moral of this story is "don't be a jerk." If the government asks you to do something that isn't against your religious convictions, then submit and do whatever it is they ask. I bet this car-sitting, car-running bandit sits in her nice, warm pew on Sunday mornings while she risks the life of unsuspecting children strapped into their car seats at the gas station on Monday. The audacity.


Last night Isaac and I went with my mom and dad to view a house with Christmas lights over by Paulding (the next town over in a south-easterly direction). We had just spent the evening driving home from Coldwater, so Lindsay decided to sit this one out because Eli was sick and tired of being in the car. (I personally think he was still frustrated with the unecessary risk that the rich (only in monetary possessions) Envoy driver placed him under.)

My parents told us it was a house with Christmas lights. I thought it would be neat; however, I never thought it would be as extravagant and entertaining as it was. It was the most spectacular Christmas exhibit I have ever seen. Some rich guy, Mr. Baughman, that lives over there goes all out in decorating his gigantic yard for Christmas. He has a long circle drive that you just drive through while experiencing the amazing Christmas lights.

Here were some of the stats on a sign that was posted for everyone to see.

They use 500 gallons of gasoline a night.

They have 56 generators to keep them going.

They have 500 miles of lights.

They have 50 miles of electrical cords.

They have 1 of only 2 Christmas light merry-go-rounds in the United States.

I was so impressed. It was a fun experience. Isaac wanted to keep going back through it. I figure we spent 45 minutes driving through it four times. He wanted to keep going, but it was getting late. He especially liked the dinosaurs. What do dinosaurs have to do with Christmas? I don't know, but Isaac seemed to have liked them the most.

I figure 40 cars went through the driveway while we were there. It was amazing. I guess this might be an effective way for this guy to give back to the community. It made our family feel great. I have yet to and probably never will contemplate the moral question of whether the economic and environmental impact of burning that much fuel a night is worth the happiness that going through the exhibit brings.

And by the way, there was a church, Noah's Ark, and a baby Jesus in a manger display.

I'm still amazed. I wish I had my camera with me, but I didn't.


I'll get back to church leadership and other biblical discussions as soon as I quit having events like these happen in my life. Today is back to the grind, so nothing spectacular will probably happen. But you never know.

Watch out for the potholes.