Holy Halloween

I had some thoughts today on the way to work. I wanted to know if you thought they were crazy. I wonder if they cross the line from the what a church should be or if they are right on target.

Trick or Treating is a pretty big thing in Antwerp. The main trick or treat area is one central area. There are two good spots where I think a church could pull off what came to my mind.

During trick or treating we set up a tent and give away hot dogs, chili, nachos, and soda to anyone who wants some. Then at the close of the scheduled period for trick or treating we host a costume contest in which we give away, hopefully donated, prizes from community businesses. Then we take a ten to fifteen minute break followed by a worship service with an evangelistic sermon.

What are your thoughts? Does it cross the line on what a church should do? Is it too manipulative?

Watch out for potholes.