Why I don't go to church...

This will be brief because I am at my n-laws.

Why I don't go to church...when I'm at my n-laws.

It all depends on what church is about.

If church is about listening to a sermon, then I should go.

If church is about singing songs, then I should go.

If it is about something else, then I'm not obligated to go because most churches are about listening to sermons and singing songs. Those are things I can do watching televisition and listening to cds.

When we assemble as believers, our gathering should be characterized by things we cannot do on our own. If that was the case, people would start to see then need to go to church gatherings. Unfortunately, we more often have gatherings that call themselves church rather than church gatherings.

Makes me wonder why we go to church in general.

Watch out for the potholes.