Alan Keyes has been selected

Two posts in one day. I"m going nuts. At least they're diverse. One political and one important.

It's a good day in the political realm. Alan Keyes was selected by the Illinois Republican party as their candidate for the United States Senate. He is a little hesitant running for the Senate in a state that is not his current residency.

For those that don't know Alan Keyes, the article describes him as such: " Keyes, who has been a national writer and speaker and had a syndicated radio show, is widely known for his conservative views. He opposes abortion and gay rights, wants to replace the income tax with a national sales tax, thinks parents should be able to send their children to schools that reflect their faith and calls affirmative action a "government patronage program."

He is also the best speaker I have ever heard.

The only thing scary about this election is that both of the candidates would be Harvard Graduates.

I'll remind everyone of the troubling research I did on this the other week.

George W. Bush - Graduate of Yale
Howard Dean - Graduate of Yale
John Kerry - Graduate of Yale
Wesley Clark - Graduate of West Point and Oxford
John Edwards - Graduate of Princeton
Joe Lieberman - Graduate of Yale
Dick Cheney - Graduate of Wyoming
Richard Gephardt - Graduate of University of Michigan
John McCain - Graduate of National War College and US Naval Academy
Alan Keyes - Graduate of Harvard
Ralph Nader - Graduate of Harvard
Bill O'Reilly - Graduate of Harvard
Bob Dole - Graduate of Kansas and Topeka
Bill Clinton - Graduate of Georgetown, Oxford, and Yale
George Bush - Graduate of Yale
Al Gore - Graduate of Harvard

We can now add Barak Obama to the list.

Barak Obama - Graduate of Harvard

Watch out for potholes.