What the F...Fairness Doctrine?

The Fairness Doctrine is the dumbest idea ever. And this comes from a guy who thinks that Rush Limbaugh is one of the most illogical people on the radio and would not mind if he was off the air, so I am not arguing on behalf of right-wing talk radio hosts.

A recent survey shows that 47% of Americans are in favor of a fairness doctrine on the radio and on television. Unbelievable. The last thing I want is for the government to force constraints on commentators and have them decide what viewpoints are appropriate for me to hear. I cannot even believe that legislation like this is even debated in America. Nothing good could come of it, yet 47% of Americans think it is a good idea? Baffling.

What the Fairness Doctrine would mean is that we would have to hear both the Republican and Democratic side of every issue. How convenient for the establishment. If every show would have to be like Hannity and Colmes, it would help alleviate any third view from entering the public forum. The political debate would always be dictated by the two parties.

Take Michael Savage's recent fight against the government allowing a Dubai company to manage the American ports. His view would not have been allowed on the air because it was against both the Republican and Democratic position on the issue. Every view does not nicely fit in Republican or Democratic language. Some issues have three, four...fifty different viewpoints. It should not be up to the government to decide if a viewpoint was adquately represented on the air.

What would this mean to the internet? Would I have to find some fellow American to write opposing viewpoints to every political post I make? Would they silence me if I did not want to participate in their silly games?

Welcome to America, the home where they make us think we are free. We have a lot in common with the "free" people in China.