News Roundup - Russia, Georgia, Obama, McCain

I find the different take on the Georgia-Russian war from Pravda to be an interesting take on the whole affair. Instead of Russia being the villain like our media portrays, the headline reads "Russia: Again Savior of Peace and Life." In a great example of unbiased reporting the article goes on to read: "After having offered a cease fire in hostilities, the back stabbing Georgians immediately violated the cease fire, invading South Ossetia and causing massive destruction and death among innocent civilians, among peacekeepers and also destroying a hospital." The leading opinion piece is entitled "The two-faced, underhanded foreign policy of Georgia." I love journalism that calls someone "back stabbing." If it wasn't so serious, I would have had a good chuckle. Okay, I had a good chuckle anyway.


I am confused by McCain's latest attack commercials. McCain fails to tell me why I should vote for him. All he is doing is trying to tell me why I should not vote for Obama. Is that all American politics have become? I need to vote for who I dislike the least.

Also, I do not know if I agree with the message in the latest attack ad. It says that Obama wants to raise taxes and increase government spending, which will lead to less jobs. I do not see the correlation. Maybe some economist will come along, or someone who wants to act like an economist on the internet, and explain this all to me. It makes me want to pursue a master's in economics next. It seems to me that the money the government would receive in taxes would be funneled back into the economy, which would create jobs. This seems especially true if the taxed money would have otherwise been spent on overseas products or used by a company to expand their business overseas. True, it might not be pure capitalism to tax more, but it also might produce more jobs. It just depends on how it will be spent.

I think my election decision might come down to who they decide to be their running mates. That is usually an insignificant decision, but I think it will tell a lot about how they will be as President. It will also show me what McCain's stance on abortion really is.


China does not have communism; they just have a dictatorship. One of the cheesy NBC stories that featured on Yao Ming just shared how he donated two million dollars to some Chinese charity. In true communism, no individual would have two million dollars to donate to anything. China has never experienced communism. They just have a socialistic system that produces wealth for certain groups of people.