A New Type of Internet Browser

In the world where Mozilla is making millions of dollars of profit through Google searches, I propose a change in the browser model. No longer should the company that provides the browser make exorbitant amounts of money off of the users using and buying off of the internet. Rather than just some company lke Mozilla, where the CEO makes $500,000/year, acquiring all of the profits, the profits would be shared among the programmers, users, testers, and charity. Despite the lack of evidence for any browser besides Firefox, I am sure that all of the other browsers out there are also pulling in the dough for providing those search boxes built into their browsers. It is evident that every time we buy through the search box or click on ads after a search, the browser manufacturer makes money.

I propose a shift from corporate browsers to a browser made by the people and paying the people. I am not the guy to bring this browser revolution about since my techie skills are about limited to me posting words on the internet, but it would be nice if I was actually profiting from my use of the internet rather than some company out there. There are a lot of bright techie guys who actually participate in coding Firefox and other browsers for free because they think they are doing the public a service when they are actually padding Mozilla's pocketbooks. In this new system, they would be compensated for their work. Instead of Mozilla making millions of dollars and not compenasating the open source community, coders would actually receive a portion of the company profits. 10% of the money earned would go to accounting to administrate the payouts, 10% to the programmers and testers, and 10% to charity. This would be an actual non-profit rather than a non-profit like Mozilla that squeaks by just to insure that they retain non-profit status.

What this browser would do is cut the user a check for 70% of the earnings made from them using the internet, a cut of the money that all of the browsers are already earning. The earnings would compile in an account until the payout was significant enough to warrant a payout. No longer would the money earned by us using the internet be given to some massive corporation; it would be given back to everyone who has earned it.

So someone, please start a people's browser. One that actually pays the open source community, cuts the user in on the profits made off of him using the internet, and makes the world a slightly better place.