Blade Runner - A Movie Dialogue

As with all of my thoughts on movies, this one contains spoilers.

Blade Runner
gives us a Christ figure that pokes out someone's eyes to kill them; what a messed up movie. I really enjoyed the film until that scene: Roy, the head of the cyborgs, poked out the eyes of Tyrell, the creator of the cyborgs. From there, Blade Runner turned into a suspense thriller with a ham-fisted Christological figure shoved down our throats. Roy eventually sticks a nail through his hand, ala Jesus on the cross, to live a little longer and teach Rick about freedom. This happened during an overdrawn out chase sequence in which the superior Roy was violently playing around with Rick Deckard, the blade runner.

I guess I just missed the point of the movie or it did not connect with me. The story seemed to be about slavery in which the slave (or the robot) teaches Rick Deckard, the blade runner, how to be free. As Rick was hanging off of a ledge, Roy said, "Quite an experience to live in fear, isn't it? This is what it means to be a slave." Then Roy saves Rick from dying. How noble of Roy after he killed his creator by poking his eyes out.

Blade Runner, released in 1982, pictures a future set in 2019 that is far from what it will be, but movies about the future always tell us more about the present in which they were made rather than the future they show. The problem with this movie revealing anything about the 80s is that it was such a convoluted movie that I do not know what it was saying about anything. Who are the slaves? Am I a slave? Who were the slaves in the 80s? How do I help the slaves? Obviously, I shouldn't kill the slaves.

The ending was great for setting up a sequel that never happened. We do not know if Rick is a cyborg. We do not know whether he will be successful in saving Rachael, his new cyborg friend, from being killed by another blade runner.

The movie was entertaining but it did not provide any meat to chew on.

Entertaining: 4/5
Inspiring: 2/5
Ethical Thinking: 2/5