Obama's Pick Shows Lack of Confidence?

The analysis is out all over the web that Obama's pick of Biden to be his VP shows his lack of confidence.

First, I must state that Biden did not increase my chances of voting for Obama. It might have actually push me even more toward McCain. Second, the Republicans had talking points against any of the possible VP candidates, so I take what they say with a grain a salt. People like Hannity and all of the other talking heads on the internet were already attacking Biden on Friday night before he was officially announced. I found it interesting that all of the attackers were saying the same thing.

What I find interesting about this pick is that Obama recognized his "weaknesses" and found somebody out there who would strengthen him in those areas. The Republicans claim that it shows a lack of confidence. If selecting someone that is strong in the areas you are weak in shows a lack of confidence, then all great leaders should have a lack of confidence. My problem is that I preferred Obama's "weakness" over Biden's "strength" when it comes to foreign policy.

If I have an area that I am weak in and could hire someone that is better than me in that area, I should hire the better person to help me out. That is what creates a successful business. If I was egotistical, I would hire someone inferior to me so I could feel good about myself all day. Good managers surround themselves with people better than themselves. This selection shows that Obama is wise and willing to listen to others for advice. He is not scared of surrounding himself with people that are better than him. That is an asset, not a weakness. There would not have been any VP that Obama could have selected that the Republican attack dogs would not have been unleashed on.