Rainbow Light Disguising Aspartame in their Food-Based Protein Energizer

I just thought I would post a letter my wife wrote to Rainbow Light Nutritional Systems in regards to them disguising aspartame in their Food-Based Protein Energizer.

Here is her letter:

Rainbow Light Nutritional Systems
125 McPherson Street
Santa Cruz, CA 95060

Attn: President

August 1, 2008

Dear President or CEO,

I recently purchased your Food-Based Protein Energizer. I was so excited to find a product with no dairy, soy, or sugar. It could have tasted like mud, and I would have still been thrilled. But better yet, it actually tasted pretty good. I had done what seemed like a considerable amount of research before finding this product. I was even more pleased that it contained not just protein, but also vegetable juices, healthful herbs, spirulina, and stevia.

After using about half a jar, I looked at the ingredients again. I noticed some of the amino acids (as increasing my amino acid intake is my most important goal) looked suspiciously like aspartame in disguise. After some more investigation, I have decided that even if these were not included in the form of aspartame or for the purpose of sweetening, they are not something that humans should be consuming. I am just very disappointed that I already have consumed them. And I am more disappointed that my initial hunt for a healthful, terrificly designed protein shake lead me to your product and your product only.

I have read other reviews of your products, and yours was a brand I trusted. I do not understand why a company who is apparently committed to helping others gain health would include massive amounts of excitotoxins in their products. I am sickened at the thought of it.

If you decide to revise your formula, please let me know so that I can consume and recommend your product with a clear conscience.

Thank you.


My wife

Here is a link of information on aspartame that she referred me to. The dilemma here is not that they included aspartame. It is that they included aspartame, tried to disguise it, and pass it off as a health product when most people in the health community would not knowingly ingest aspartame.