Begin to Pay at the Pump

My old routine of buying a donut and a coffee or beef jerky and a pop has been squelched by paying at the pump. With the increase in gas prices, gas stations saw an increase in drive-offs. This increase led to most gas stations making us pre-pay inside or use a credit card at the pump before pumping our gas. Now that I am forced to pay at the pump, I do not go inside and use my credit card for a measely additional purchase.

I have a solution to make everyone happy. It's what I call "begin to pay at the pump." This might need some new technology, but the reality is that gas station owners do not make much money (or any money) from selling gas. The oil companies make a good profit, but the local retailer does not get a cut of that. The retailer needs the additional purchases at their convenience store. By instituting pay at the pump to decrease drive-offs, they also decreased one of their most important revenue streams, the small impulse buy from the person paying for their gas.

With "begin to pay at the pump," I would be able to slide my credit card at the pump, then I could go in, pick out the items I want, and finish the purchase at the register. This way gas stations would sell more, and I would be able to waste money on my little treats once a week. Win-win for everyone.