Random Thoughts

Some words of wisdom from Isaac to start the day out: "I've picked my ears, and it doesn't taste good."

Children's Christian Fund rejects money raised from a charity auction from the estate of Gary Gygax, the creator of Dungeons & Dragons. Not many details there, but it seems baffling to me. I am going to email the Children's Christian Fund to see if they will explain their reasoning. We'll see if they reply.

I wrote a post over on Chi Rho Live about a Despicable Church Sign.

I have been playing around on Pandora and have created a few stations. They are in the sidebar to the right if you are interested in listening to the music I enjoy. It's tasty fun.

I'm torn on this story. A mother slept after working her third shift job. Because she was getting ready to move, she had withdrawn her kids from their daycare. While sleeping, her two children undid the deadbolt, went outside, got in the car, and died from the heat. Now they are trying her for child abuse. After just seeing Reign Over Me and the thoughts that it made me think, I wonder if this is the right action for society to take on a grieving mother. Is something that we can do to show her love in her time of grief and suffering? Maybe I should write the prosecutor a letter. Even though her pain was self-inflicted, it is only by the grace of God that similar tragedies haven't happened to most parents.