Random Thoughts

The latest Apple ad is much better than all of the previous in that it is not as condescending. It makes fun of Microsoft for advertising. Apple making fun of Microsoft for advertising. That's funny.

Obama's ads are much more negative this week. Although they are not nearly as cruel and uncivil as some of the ads I have seen from McCain. It is disappointing.

The last worldwide depression led to a terrible war. I sure hope this one does not do the same.

Gold and silver are as worthless as the dollar if people do not want it. Material items only have value if people give it to them.

Isaac and Eli are in a casual soccer league where we have no practices and only play once a week. How I wish all youth sports were casual like that. More than likely, my kids are not going to be professional athletes.

Yesterday, I had to listen to a bunch of people that I enjoy the company of who are on social security and Medicaid rail against Obama and socialism. That's about as funny as the Apple ad. A little less funny because it is more serious.

It's getting tough to make it through October without turning the heat on. Today could be the day we give in.