The New Weight Loss Diet

I was so happy today in the checkout aisle at Meijer. I was waiting in line and I decided to flip through Woman's World rather than see what Hollywood stars really look like in their bikinis. The cover story that caused me to pick it up was on a new diet to lose weight. Intrigued, I opened up the magazine, looked at the table of contents, and then flipped to the relevant page. I was so happy to see that the culprit of our fatness is corn syrup because I am sensitive to it and would prefer to have all products without corn syrup. I really like a soda now and then, but I hate the corn syrup. Give me a foreign Coke made with real sugar and I am really happy.

Here is the actual study from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center: Limiting fructose may boost weight loss, researcher reports

The study suggest that the body quickly processes fructose into body fat.

"The researchers found that lipogenesis, the process by which sugars are turned into body fat, increased significantly when as little as half the glucose was replaced with fructose. Fructose given at breakfast also changed the way the body handled the food eaten at lunch. After fructose consumption, the liver increased the storage of lunch fats that might have been used for other purposes."

“This is an underestimate of the effect of fructose because these individuals consumed the drinks while fasting and because the subjects were healthy, lean and could presumably process the fructose pretty quickly. Fat synthesis from sugars may be worse in people who are overweight or obese because this process may be already revved up.”

"Dr. Parks said that people trying to lose weight shouldn’t eliminate fruit from their diets but that limiting processed foods containing the sugar may help."

If you elect me as President, the first thing I will do is ban corn syrup.