Obama's Chicken Counting

The media, especially Drudge, wants me to think that Obama is out of line in planning his transition team and having construction done on his election night party site.

I just wonder. Has McCain started planning his transition team? I sure hope so. I would hate for our next President to not be prepared when they take the White House. Preparing one's transition team is a basic requirement of October politics as a Presidential candidate. You need to be ready to hit the ground running once you win the election, so that you can start being President the day you take office. Chuck Baldwin or Ralph Nader probably should not worry about their transition teams, but the Obama and McCain camps should. It is not presumptive of Obama to be prepared and have done what needs to be done for when he might win the election. I am sure that McCain is doing the same.

What is wrong for preparing the site of his election night gathering? It's less than two weeks away. He will have a big turnout, whether he wins or lose because they turn out before the results are in. And he needs to be prepared. Again, Drudge is trying to make him look presumptive, but he is doing what needs to be done in order to insure that election night runs smoothly. I would also assume that McCain has been making preparations for his election night bash.

But wait, Obama is not really a US citizen, he is a Muslim, and now he is a presumptive elitist. That's the story we need to stick with.