Mandatory Flu Shots in New Jersey for Preschoolers and Day Care Children

A recent story was written by David Crary of the AP.

NJ flu-shot mandate for preschoolers draws outcry

Being a family that has decided not to vaccinate our children after we looked into vaccines due to Eli having a bad reaction to one. Subsequently, we were congratulated by our doctor when we told him we would not vaccinate. Unfortunately, due to liability issues, he could not recommend the course of action we took. He volunteered that he does not vaccinate his children. I know two other family doctors who do not vaccinate their children. I would like to see an honest survey telling us how many doctors actually vaccinate their children.

Here is the most important point the story makes.

"There's not been a response from the government that is credible in terms of doing the scientific research that will screen out vulnerable children," said Barbara Loe Fisher, a speaker at the rally. She is co-founder of the National Vaccine Information Center in Vienna, Va., an advocacy group skeptical of vaccination policies.
"There's an acknowledgment that prescription drugs can cause different reactions in people, but there's a blanket statement by health authorities that we all have to vaccinate, all in the same way," Fisher said.

I also find this desire to make mandatory flu vaccines a little drastic.

Flu kills about 36,000 Americans a year and hospitalizes about 200,000. But children make up a small fraction of the victims — 86 died last year, from babies to teens, according to federal figures. Only two flu deaths of children in New Jersey have been recorded since 2004.

In the end, this is a very sticky situation for parents in New Jersey.