McCain and Negative Ads - My Thoughts Heading into Tonight's Debate.

I am getting so frustrated with McCain's ads. Yesterday, I received my first phone call from the McCain camp in a long while. It was a negative attack call against Obama. I should have written down what it was about but I did not. It seems that they could get away with less credible attacks on the phone since it is not verifiable that they actually said what they said unless I was sitting here ready to record it when the phone rang.

Later last night, I watched some television. I really enjoy the Mentalist; it's a little less serious crime show, and I don't have to sit through autopsy dance scenes that I know some necrophile out there is enjoying way too much. Anyway, I see an Obama economic plan ad - you know the ad where Obama tells what he is going to do. Then I see a McCain anti-Obama economic plan ad - you know the ad where he tells us what he thinks Obama is going to do. I do not recall seeing any McCain ads telling me what he is going to do. Not that I am all too fond of his idea to buy up bad mortgages like he proposed during the last debate, so McCain ads telling me what he is going to do might not be all that convincing.

In regards to McCain's position to buy off the fallen values of the bad mortgages, I must ask, "What about the individuals, like myself, who knew we were not yet in the financial position to buy a house and did not pull the trigger although the mortgage brokers would have quickly giving us an ARM mortgage?" The responsible person, just like the responsible banks that are not on Wall Street, would not get anything. We have moved into a socialism for the irresponsible.

It seems that the McCain camp is making this campaign to be either a vote for or against Obama. Where are his positive commercials? Obama, at least in this market, has about six positive commercials for every negative one, and his negative ones are not that "mean." McCain has all negatives and they go from not that "mean" to downright "cruel." The Obama camp has attempted to raise the level of civil discourse in this country while McCain has tried the same old tactics of the past.

I will watch the debate tonight and see if McCain can stop coming across as a jerk, come out against the bailout. I really do want to vote for him, but he just makes it so hard.

If McCain wants my vote, here is what I need.

Stop the pork. Stop the move towards socialism for the rich. Stop the negative ads and tell me what you are going to do. Stop mischaracterizing Obama's positions like Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity do all afternoon long. Don't refer to Obama as "that man." Look at Obama when you talk about him. Bring up your problems with Obama while he is there to defend himself. Stand up against the bailout. It's not too late to say you were wrong.

Okay, McCain will probably not get my vote. But miracles do happen.

I must get this final thought off my chest. In the last debate, McCain was talking against pork. Then he talked about how he canceled his campaign to go to Washington to make sure that the bailout bill got passed. Where was he when $200 billion worth of pork was added to buy people's votes? That might be the biggest pork package in the history of America and he claims he was there overseeing that the bill containing the pork got passed. If he takes credit for the bill, then he is responsible for the pork.

American politics is somewhat interesting. About a month ago I would have been happy with either of these guys as President. Maybe it was the bailout, but now I am not content with either. I had a friend tell me to check out Chuck Baldwin and the Constitution Party. Maybe I should go that route. Then, there is always Ralph Nader. We can always be content and throw away our vote. I mean that in a good way.