Words get in the Way - Christian Ethics

Yesterday, I must have messed up. This morning I'm leaving for Baltimore, so I will be brief.

A little lesson in writing.

I should've tried to make only one point in my post yesterday instead of two.

Here were the two points I was trying to make.

Point 1: America is not a Christian nation. We are not hated for our love. We have given people legitimate reasons because of evil actions to hate us. Again, I reiterate, that this by no means excuses what terrorists do. But our claim to being a Christian nation should be a think of the past. I could go on and on about this, but I won't.

The second point was supposed to be seperate from point 1. I intermingled them a little too much to make them clear and distinct points.

Point 2: Christians are called to respond to their enemies with love. We are called to be different than the terrorists who kill their enemies. Our interaction with our enemies should show the world that we are different because of our deep commitment to follow Christ even when it is most difficult.

I will repeat the line in my post from yesterday. "A Christian fights the war on terror by being more loving and more moral." This is our greatest weapon. I don't want this point to get lost because I believe it is so true that if all Christians believed it, the world would change. And like Troy said in his reply, it would change one person at a time. That was what I was trying to get out. I am inadequate at times.

I wanted the terrorists actions towards their enemies to just be the springboard or the framework for my posts. Sometimes the frame is so extravagant that it takes away from the painting inside. I think that happened yesterday. I apologize.

I was trying to point out the radical call Christ has made on the lives of his followers to be loving towards their enemies and how America really doesn't fall that radical call. It is when we do what we don't want to do because we know it is right that we can really tell we are being faithful to Christ.