Baltimore Day One

I'll be brief since I'm on someone else's computer.

We made the trip down here fine. No wrecks. Lots of reading and Gameboy playing. It was relaxing since I wasn't the driver.

The city of Baltimore is neat. We ate supper at the ESPN Zone. It had the largest television screen I have ever seen. This screen was surrounded by 16 smaller televisions all showing different sporting events.

We hung out down by the harbor. One of the interesting things is that on the walk there and back to the expensive hotel we say probably 10 or more homeless people sleeping on benches. It seemed very ironic that people are spending tons of money at Barnes & Noble, Hard Rock Cafe, the ESPN Zone and all other sorts of money-wasting places.

Alan Keyes is originally from Maryland.

The Barnes & Noble is the biggest B&N I have ever stepped foot in. It was amazing. Two-stories and packed full of books. Have you ever been in a bookstore that has an escalator?

One thing I noticed while looking through the books at Barnes & Noble is that the Catholic church is going through a crisis concerning the structure of the leadership of the church. I skimmed through a few of these books while we were waiting to get seated at the ESPN Zone. I will find it interesting to see what happens, especially when the current Pope vacates his position.

The Yankees and comic book creators are in town. I saw a few comic book creators in the lobby of the hotel. It's really nothing special to see them since they are all around the place due to to conference we are attending. No Yankees to be seen yet. I guess we'll have to wait until we go to the game today.

That's all for today. Today I hope to have another bunch of neat experiences.

And I guess I lied about being brief. Brevity is not my strong point.