Christians and the Internet

And you thought from the title that this would be a discussion about dirty sites on the web. Nope, it's more about the sites that Christians pay to have on the internet and advertise through Google in that fancy schmancy advertising box on the left.

I actually think the ads to the left are very interesting. One that came up when Blogspot was running their own ads at the top gave me a good laugh but maybe it would be of interest to someone out there that visits my blog. It was an organization that helps churhces increase their offereing. They would teach you their techniques for $1000 or something like that. If your church offering wasn't increased by 25%, then they offered a money-back guarantee. I know many of you are church leaders, so you don't want to miss out on that one if it pops up again. It's money in the bank, or should I say "plate." :)

Today's ads were also interesting. I bet the secular band Ministry didn't think they were paying to get ad time on a on a website like mine, but they're name was linked with some of the keywords that I have said. Funny.

I like looking at the ads just to see how the keywords link together. For instance, one of the ads looks to be very useful. I know Sam Long sent me a link to one a long time ago, but here is a link to free Bible software. It was in an ad on the left. You never know what you might find if you check out the ads. They're getting free air time in this blog. Let me know if you do it and if it seems legit.

Maybe this post is a big infopost. I should get paid extra for infoposts. But seriously, I do enjoy looking at the ads and trying to figure out what keyword triggered that one. If I didn't make it clear, all of the ads are placed based upon words in my site that trigger them.

Yesterday, and it appears that maybe today, my site was/is the place to be if you want ads on how to be a prohpet and hire people to host prophet seminars. The word "spirit" apparently triggers these. It seems to me that maybe a prophet would be able to figure out how to be one on his own. I don't see mention of a prophet school in the Old Testament. Maybe I'm just a little too skeptical.

Have a great day and thanks for coming to my blog.

Watch out for the potholes.