Baltimore Day Two

Well, yesterday was exciting.

We went to the Alliance's (the biggest game distributors in America) warehouse in the morning for the warehouse sale.

We then went to see the Baltimore Orioles play the New York Yankees. The weird thing was that more people were rooting for the Yankees than the Orioles. I have some pictures I will upload when I get home that will tell more.

Then we went to eat at the Hard Rock Cafe. If you have never eaten at a Hard Rock Cafe Baltimore, don't worry about it. Save your money and go the ESPN Zone or any of the other restaurants in Baltimore.

Then at 9:00 we started a bus tour of three comic book shops in the area. Our bus driver got lost because "it was dark out." It was an interesting trip and I was able to meet a lot of other retailers.

This is brief because I am writing it while standing in an ackward position because someone is sleeping on the floor right where I would need to be sitting.

Watch out for the potholes.