A dream about car salesmen and the church

I didn't remember this until I drove past a car lot on the way to work.

I had a crazy vivid dream last night.

I was involved in a church. I sat in the far corner. I wasn't alone. I was surrounded by people. Anyway, the minister of the church resigned from the church. The church was then taken over by non-Christian used car salesmen. I sat in my corner waiting to observe what havoc this would bring to the church.

It changed nothing. All of the manipulative sales tactics and motivational leadership tricks were implemented, but it was the same as before the arrival on the non-Christian used car salesmen leaders. The church continued on a moral decline sweeping me away with it.

That was my dream. Have a go at it if you feel like a Joseph today. All I know is that I must think about the church way too much, but I assume you have already realized that.