A Prayer Request

Hi everyone.

I couldn't wait to write this tomorrow morning because my hope is that people would start praying for this now. If you're in a church that will gather together tomorrow, please pray in your meeting that God's will would be done here in Antwerp. I feel he wants to do great things and this is just the beginning of that.

If you have talked to me in the last three months or so about the church I attend, you know that I have felt a calling for it to be a lay-led church. I wasn't going to do anything until the current minister left, but I did feel that God was calling him somewhere else. Tonight, I received a phone call from him telling me that he is going to give his one-month notice tomorrow. We will miss the friendship their family provided greatly.

This is like a door opening to the vision God laid on my heart. However, I don't know what to do now, if anything. Should I wait patiently for doors to open? Should I begin talking to the board about the idea of a completely lay-led church? What should I do?

Also, I am always hesitant of saying something is God's will when it could just be Regan's desire. Am I just scared of having to do the small group ministry that is just beginning under someone else? Lindsay and I talked previously that if they hired another minister we would leave because I feel led to be in a lay-led church. Is God telling us to leave if they hire another minister?

So many things that need prayer. There isn't much time and it is completely out of our control. Please pray for this situation.

Thanks so much and pray that I would watch out for the potholes.