Learning From Kids At The Ft. Wayne Children's Zoo

I learned a lot at the zoo today. It didn't have to do with the origin of animals or what they can do. It had to do with humans. While looking at animals from around the world I realized how much I have lost the heart of a child.

They have many fountains at the Ft. Wayne Children's Zoo that children can play in. Isaac loves to play in the main fountain as much as, if not more than, all of the other great features of the zoo. For some reason, I didn't take any pictures of this. I just sat there and wathced. I think I was worn out.

At the water fountain children make instant friends with one another. Isaac would immediately splash a new person in a loving, playful way. They became as good of a friend as any he has. I couldn't help but examine all of the defenses I have built into myself through growing up. I can't trust people because they will betray me. I can't open myself up because they might hurt me. I have to carefully watch the becaue they may be manipulating me. None of the defenses we have built up through the years is visible in the kids at the water fountain.

I also noticed something in Isaac. There was a giant cement frog to climb on. Isaac tried to climb it and fell. It looked from where I was sitting that it hurt. He tried again and fell. We, being the paranoid parents we are, didn't want Isaac to climb up it because he might hurt himself. We started telling him not to climb it. He continued climbing and reached the top of the frog. He was happy at his accomplishment. We were quick to tell him to get down.

I give up quickly after a failure. I don't keep trying and trying. Isaac did. Children don't give up.

So today I was reminded that I need to be more friendly to new people and to never give up. They might be little things that I already know, but if I can do them, my life will be much better.
By the way, if you're ever in the Ft. Wayne area, know me or my wife or want to get to know us, and want to go to the zoo, we have a membership. It is the best zoo I have been to for children. True, I have only been to the Toledo Zoo, Detroit Zoo, Potter Park Zoo, the zoo in Battlecreek, and Ft. Wayne's zoo, but I am not alone in my opinion. It was ranked in the top 10 zoos in the nation for children in Child Magazine. Toledo is ranked one above Ft. Wayne, but they must have been on crack when they decided that. Ft. Wayne has more interactive exhibits. We love taking Isaac there because he loves it so much. The only bad thing about going today was getting Isaac to get back in the car at the end of the day.

Prayer Request - On another note, the leadership of the church meets with the district head tonight to decide what they are going to do about our minister. From discussions with many of the members of the leadership, I feel that we are being called to have a lay-led pastorate. The question is whether the district will allow that. Tomorrow, I will know more. Please pray for God's guidance at the meeting.

Watch out for the potholes.