Isaac and the lake, kittens

It's Sunday. I think from now on that on Sundays I am just going to give an update on my life because I don't want to confuse my mind with talking about something I won't be teaching in Sunday school.

Three days ago I killed two birds at two different times with my car. The crazy things just flew right in front of me.

One of the weird stories that happened a while ago is...(scary music) when we were driving to the hospital to deliver Eli we ran over a rabbit. It just seemed rather ironic. Lots of animals to hit in the road.

On my way to work on Saturday I saw a cat just near my brother's driveway that had been hit. My brother and I have two cats that looked alike. (I used the past tense. You can already see that this leads to a bad ending. We went to my parent's place on the lake last night and ate dinner with the family and some guests. Reggie asked me if the cat looked like Toby. I said that when I went to work it did, but when I came home it didn't look like much of anything. I guess I'm a big jerk. It isn't our cat because he is still around.

Also, we found two starving kitties. I couldn't just leave them, so now we have 6 cats. I thought four was the limit before becoming white trash. "Watch out. Here I come." Anyway, they are nice. There names are Charles Wesley and Joan (Joanie). They go along with my other historical church figure cats: Augustine, Luther, Francis, and Calvin.

One last experience to share. Yesterday, Isaac went swimming for the first time in the lake. We didn't put a life jacket on him because we didn't think he would go in too far and I was going to stay with him. However, we didn't leave room for the fact that Isaac is a crazy man. He would run into the lake and keep running until the water would go up to his chin. Then he would keep running even deeper unless I told him to stop. It was fun. The boy doesn't know how to swim. But even more dangerous, he doesn't know to be scared of the water if you don't know how to swim.

A few prayer requests for those who might read this.

I've been debating on starting a Bible study or something of that sort for teens at my store. Other options would be finding a minister to hold a Bible study at the store, finding a church service that doesn't conflict with other things going on and start going to that, or just switching to a church in Defiance (something I'm not likely to do).

Also, and this one is sort of big. Lindsay and I are thinking about starting a charity that would help locate women who are thinking of having an abortion with families that would adopt their children. The tentative name is Miriam's Basket. We're going to check around to see if a need exists in this area for that sort of thing. As far as we know it does.

Watch out for the potholes.