A browse through the net

To begin with, I don't have anything to say today.

My brain needs a rest.

But I don't want people who come here daily to not receive any goodies.

So I'm going to journey through the net and see what I find.

Here's some big albeit sad news on the Great Lakes Christian College people front: The life of Bob

I wish Bob and Kara the best as they continue their friendship and the raising of their children.

All of the hype surrounding Spider-Man 2 makes it sound like it is the best superhero movie ever. Some actually say it. Here. Here. Here. Here. I choose to difer.

It was enjoyable. In my book a movie is automatically discarded as a potential best of anything except for fight scenes if they have a fight scene that lasts over 10 minutes. That's just ridiculous.

I would have believed that Spider-Man didn't know how to use his powers in the most efficient way when stopping the train if he hadn't been Spider-Man for 2 years. Ridiculous.

And the smoke coming off of the fire in the house. Oh, wait. There wasn't any smoke.

The rest of it was pretty good. I left the movie theatre having enjoyed the film, but it definitely wasn't the best ever.

Tonight we are having the high schoolers over to watch a movie. I think it will be either Gattaca or Unbreakable, the best superhero movie ever.

That's it. All these websites and nothing interesting. Maybe my mind will want to think tomorrow. It better because I have to finish my Sunday School lesson this week.

No potholes.