Just some frivolous things

First off, I thought this story was rather weird. I heard about it on Glenn Beck's radio show this morning. I listen to him every morning on my ride to work.

Southeast Christian Church youth decide to destroy a statue of Mary after hearing a lesson on idol worship. Now that is an exciting youth group. Who will be the first youth pastor out there to follow this example and have a smash and run event?

Disclaimer - I do not condone destroying statues of the Mary. It's stupid to do such a thing. Italics means sarcasm.

Isaac likes to play with bouncy balls in the kitchen. Every night, as long as I'm willing, we bounce the ball back and forth to each other. If that was the extent of it, it wouldn't be so bad. But he wants me to act like the ball knocks me over. Then I bounce the ball to him and he acts like it knocks him over.

Just a side note. Around a month ago we used the quarter vending machines that are in all the grocery stores for the first time. Isaac was so excited once he figured out what was going on. He danced around and cheered. It's moments like that that I am reminded how great life is.

Yesterday, Isaac found something in the yard. He was so excited. He picked it up and brought it in to show Lindsay. It was a dead mouse. Lindsay washed his hands. Unfortunately, I was at work.

Yesterday at work I had my first encounter with a fridge pack. I opened it up. The cardboard ledge to hold them in also ripped. The cans all came tumbling out. One of the cans hit a corner in the fridge just right and punctured the side. Then it sprayed all over me. Everything from my glasses to my shoes was wet. It was a great way to start my day at work. Down with the fridge packs.

That's the frivolous update. I know some of you out there want these instead of my religious posts. Sorry, Charlie. That ain't gonna happen.

No potholes yet.