2012 - Liberian Mission Trip - The Children

Children at the Delany School in Buchanan where we provided a water filtration system.

Kids would just follow us around. They rarely see white people, especially very tall white people like Dave.

A boy hanging out by a tree in Buchanan.

Kids are the same around the world. They love to have fun. And they love to have their picture taken.

Palm is the source of life in Liberia. They use it in nearly everything. But if you look at this picture closer, you will see the girl in the background with a bloated belly. Sadly, she will be dead. It was tough to not just hold these kids that were literally dead kids walking and weep over them. In my soul, I did. 

We stopped at an isolated village to provide them with a water filtration system. The kids were full of life and vitality. The little kid holding the sticks had acquired a hubcap from a car passing by. He would use his sticks to push it around. He also had a bloated belly and will be dead.

We were much too late at providing safe drinking water to help this guy. :(
This is part of a series that I wrote showing the mission trip I took to Liberia.
I divided the subjects into individual pages, for ease of use.

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