2012 - Liberian Mission Trip - Heart of Grace Elementary School

The Heart of Grace Elementary School was one of the bright spots in Liberia. Clean, trash free, and education happening; however, the well has run dry. They educate 1,500 students and provide water for the neighborhood they are in, serving approximately 7,000 people. Some of the people on our team for the trip in 2013 will be fixing this water nightmare.

They had a well donated to them by Rotary. Unfortunately, it is nearly dried up. Water just trickles out of it making it impossible for 7,000 people to get clean, safe drinking water from this well.

So they dug a new well!

But it was dry. Without any well drillers, this was all dug by hand.

The nearest well for the school is all the way down that hill. Sadly, it is a well that can be easily contaminated with everyone handling the bucket that goes down into the water.

These are some of the students at the school.

This is the computer lab at the school. I felt that the future of Liberia looks bright with people learning like this.
This is part of a series that I wrote showing the mission trip I took to Liberia.
I divided the subjects into individual pages, for ease of use.

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