Liberian Mission Trip

Thank you for visiting my digital presentation of my 2012 Liberian Mission Trip.

This experience was lifechanging for me. I tried to capture that experience in a bottle and open it here on this page.

I must give a thank you to my fellow servants. Dave was our fearless leader. Jon was a great companion who took some of the pictures and all of the videos shared. And Shane provided us with many deep conversations.

I must also thank all of those who financially/prayerfully supported me in this ministry. Without that support, this would not have been possible.

I divided the subjects into individual pages, for ease of use.

2012 - Liberian Mission Trip - Economy

Here are a few articles that I wrote upon my return:

One Drop

I am heading once again to Liberia in 2013 from February 16-March 2 and would appreciate it if you prayerfully considered supporting me in this ministry. Hope 2 Liberia has provided a platform for people like to do short-term trips while working on long-term projects that fulfill a Kingdom mission.

One out of four Liberian children under the age of five dies mostly due to water-borne illnesses. This statistic from the UN became even more real to me last year as I saw kid after kid with bloated stomachs who were literally on death’s doorstep. As I was walking through the Liberian roads, I wished I could just change the channel or close my eyes, but I couldn’t. This wasn’t television from the comfort of my living room. This was the plight of humanity before my very eyes. And the solution is simple. Safe drinking water.

I am writing to share with you a great opportunity that God has once again blessed me with and to ask you to partner with me in watering the thirsty in Liberia. 

Last year I went to Liberia and my eyes were opened to the great need facing the Liberian people. Due to that trip, eighty church leaders received training and over 1,000 people received access to water filtration systems that provide safe and clean drinking water. Since that time, my heart has been tugged to continue helping the Liberian people. Thankfully, I have been asked once again by Hope 2 Liberia to travel to Liberia. This time I will teach at a church leader’s conference, provide water filtration systems, help out at a medical clinic, and work alongside the Liberians on the construction of one of the Hope Centers.

It’s Hope 2 Liberia’s vision “to provide safe and living water for the nation of Liberia, resulting in better health, available education and stronger leaders; all culminating in a renewed sense of hope.” Hope 2 Liberia does this through establishing Hope Centers. A Hope Center provides safe drinking water and a place for the local church to meet. After seeing their work on the ground last year and Hope’s empowering of the local churches in Liberia to meet the people’s needs, I am excited to travel and work with their organization. Society cannot be rebuilt without longevity in the population, and a healthy society cannot be built without Jesus in the people’s hearts. Hope 2 Liberia is working on both fronts.

This is where the opportunity that I have been blessed with comes in. I have been asked to go to Liberia again and teach at a follow-up conference for the Liberian church leaders. Last year, we had one leader who walked eight hours one way to get to our conference. The Liberian people’s eagerness and faithfulness is encouraging, but they need to be grounded in Scripture and empowered by the Holy Spirit to produce the fruit needed to be the Church that will provide the change and stability through Jesus in their society.

The theme of the conference this year is “Introducing the Church to the World” as we will be studying the book of Acts. The future of Liberia depends upon the local churches in Liberia being trained and equipped to further God’s work in their homeland. The work that Hope 2 Liberia is doing is showing fruit, both spiritually and physically. People are receiving the Word of the Lord while also receiving safe drinking water. What is being done right now will impact the Kingdom of God in Liberia for generations.

Will you serve with me? Your help will assist in providing training for church leaders, safe drinking water, medical care to the people of Liberia, and construction on a Hope Center. It might be cliché, but honestly, together we can make a difference.

First, I ask that you would pray for me and the team going on this trip. Three of us will be teaching at the conference, but others will also be going to provide a children’s ministry along with the medical camp, safe water system distribution, and construction that we all will be participating in.

Second, I ask that you would consider supporting me financially. Without the help of people like you, I cannot afford to go and help the people of Liberia. To go on this trip, I need to raise $3000. If you choose to financially support me, you can send me a check written to Riverside Christian Church. The church is providing financial oversight for my part of the trip allowing you to make a tax exempt donation.

I am not going to hard sell you and make a follow-up call, but I would love to talk with you about Hope 2 Liberia and my role in this trip. If you want to know more or have any questions, , or message me on Facebook.

Thank you for your time and may God bless you.

Grace and peace,
Regan Clem

P.S. If you would like to support this ministry, your financial support can be mailed to Riverside Christian Church, PO Box 1150, Antwerp, OH, 45813. If you plan on supporting me through prayer, I would appreciate knowing that to. Just shoot me a message on Facebook or through email to let me know. This process is ongoing. If you want to support me, you can do that at your earliest convenience.

Or you can also donate through the link below if you want to join me in ministering to the Liberians.This is a donation to Riverside Christian Church.