2012 - Liberian Mission Trip - Food

They eat dirt. This was one of the more depressing days for me. I came from a Rotary meetings with some of the elite of Liberian society into the neighborhoods where people eat dirt to sustain themselves.

The roll the clay into logs.

This is a picture of a pit that they get the clay to eat from.

They then cook the clay.

This girl's mom makes her living selling cooked clay.

A video with Onesimus explaining how it is healthy for them to eat the clay.

Nice, warm beer anyone? Heineken and a local beer on sale in a metal wheelbarrow. It was 95 degrees out. 

Chicken for sale on the street.

Fish for sale.

This is a woman harvesting the fish. They pull them out of the mud.

Unfortunately, the mud she is pulling the fish from is just downhill from this trash heap.

They also eat duck and chicken. One family we gave a water system to blessed us with a chicken. We drove home with a live chicken in our car.
This is part of a series that I wrote showing the mission trip I took to Liberia.
I divided the subjects into individual pages, for ease of use.

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