2012 - Liberian Mission Trip - Water

Without safe, clean drinking water, we would all die.

A well in Buchanan. Notice how the bucket gets handled. This would cause contamination of the source, especially because these wells are shallow.

Finding water is not the difficulty. Finding safe drinking water is.

The dirtiest well in the world.

They try to filter their own water. They pour the water through a sandbag. It makes dirty water clean, but it does not make unsafe water safe.

This is where we purchased the three gallon containers to assemble our filtration systems. We bring the system from the States and buy the buckets in Liberia.

A plastic three gallon container.

Sonny, Hope 2 Liberia's worker in Liberia, helped us clean out the buckets.

Here I am assembling a filtration system.

The filtration system assembly line.

The final product. We do not just give safe water. We also provide the Living Water.

At the school where we provided three systems.

At the Buchanan Church of Christ where we provided them with three systems.

At the village we gave a system to.

At a house, where four families and fifty people live, where we gave a system.

The matriarch of a community who we gave a system to.
This is part of a series that I wrote showing the mission trip I took to Liberia.
I divided the subjects into individual pages, for ease of use.

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