Lionel Ritchie and Natural Medicine

I found this interesting. Last Friday night I was watching one of those television news shows. I can't remember which one. In it, they had an interview with Lionel Ritchie. This is from memory, so it isn't exact.

The reporter was talking to Lionel Ritchie about his surgeries to repair his singing voice.

The reporter: "So your last of four surgeries was finally successful in fixing your voice."

Lionel: "No."

The reporter: "But your voice was fixed."

Lionel: "It wasn't until after the fourth surgery that I went to a natural doctor. He asked me what I was eating before going to bed. It turned out that the surgeries weren't necessary at all. I just had acid reflux. The doctor had me quit eating certain foods before bed and my singing voice was back.

That whole story disturbs me because we see it repeated over and over again in doctor's offices throughout this land. Our medical system suffers from "symptomnitis". They are just worried about treating the symptom and not dealing with what is causing the symptom. I'm sure Lionel Ritchie was paying for the best doctors the medical community could provide; however, they all failed to see that it was just acid reflux. They put him through four unnecessary surgeries.

Don't be scared of natural medicine. It has worked for me where the medical community couldn't. My advice would be to try it first. If it doesn't work, then you can go through the harsh and intrusive medicine of the medical community.

Watch out for the potholes.