Finding a place to vomit isn't so easy in the city

Yesterday wasn't fun. We didn't go to church in the morning due to me not feeling well. However, I didn't think I was as bad off as I apparently was. We went to my brother's house in Ft. Wayne where we ate pizza and watched football while the moms went to the Johnny Appleseed Festival to have a good time.

They arrived back home with apple dumplings for all of us. It was very yummy. Then I started feeling worse. I really thought I wasn't sick, but I had to take a nap. I fell asleep on their couch. Then Lindsay woke me up for me to help get Isaac and Eli around so we could leave. I had to decline helping as I went to the bathroom to vomit - over and over again. I can't remember ever vomiting that much. It was insane.

Then after I thought I was done vomiting, I loaded into the passenger side of the van. The children were loaded and waiting for me. As we were driving through the city, the urge to vomit came again. What am I to do? I am in the middle of the city and all the places around me are peoples front yards We pulled over to the side of the road and I started to vomit near the edge of the road in a yard that didn't have a sidewalk.

However, the person from the house came out and yelled at me, "Go do that somewhere else." I can understand that the person probably doesn't want vomit on the grass near the road in his yard; however, there was nowhere else to go. I figured I would tell someone who found themselves in a similar situation like mine that I hope they get better soon and ask if they need anything. His reaction was the complete opposite of what I would do. However, finding a place to vomit isn't worth going to jail over. I said "Okay" and headed back to the van. The plan was to hold the vomit in until we got out of the city. I succeeded, but it wasn't fun.

Watch out for the potholes.