Holy Halloween Season Two

Due to its success last year, we are handing out hot dogs, chili, and drinks on trick-or-treat night again this year. I am happy to announce that the Antwerp Community Church will be sponsoring it this year.

You can read my story about last year here if you would like.

If you're in the community of Antwerp and would also like to get involved, let me know asap because it will be announced at the Antwerp Community Church this weekend and most of the slots will probably be filled then. But if you want to be involved and aren't part of the Antwerp Community Church, you are more than welcome to be involved. Although the event is sponsored by the Antwerp Community Church, your help would be appreciated, and I think you would be blessed by being involved.


Holy Halloween

Free Hot Dogs, Chili, and Drinks to show the community
some of God's love for them.

This is another great opportunity to
show the community a glimpse of God's love for them.
Feel free to just come down and hang out if you don't
want to sign up for anything specific. We need people
to be there to chat with the families that are
trick-or-treating because the people working will be
too busy to do that. Just come down, hang
out, and have a good time. But remember that if you
bring kids, they will need to be watched at all times
because this will be right by the road and many people
will be out trick-or-treating.

If you would like to help, let me know
what you would like to do.

The following items are still needed:

25 gallons worth of powder to make juice
400 Napkins
600 plastic or styrofoam cups (some for the chili and
some for the juice)
5 bottles of ketchup
2 bottles of mustard
Onions for hot dogs (we bought that just add water
onion stuff last year, but if someone wants to chop a
bunch, that would be better)
a big package of Paper Towels (we use them as the
20 packages of taco seasoning
10 lbs of onions

Also, we need volunteers to staff the tent.

set-up crew: 6 people
first 1/2 hour: 5 people
second 1/2 hour: 5 people
third 1/2 hour: 5 people
fourth 1/2 hour: 5 people
tear down crew: 6 people

We would like to get as many people involved as
possible, so please just sign up for one shift unless
it is for the set-up and tear down. If we don't have
enough people, then we can just fill in with those
that are there.

Watch out for the potholes.