The Spearheaders of Christian Love?

Troy wrote a post today on the Mormons which got me thinking about my interaction with Mormons. The only real life interaction I have had with any is at my store. They never tried to witness to me, although I did ask them a lot of questions. They were both from Utah and actually helped work for Salt Lake City during the Olympics.

Anyway, one of my co-workers at Farm Bureau told me the following story about her mother who lives in Utah. Her mother is not a Mormon. Her mother is crazy and doesn't have a job. What did the Mormons in the community do? The story amazed me. Various members of the Mormon church made three meals a day for her and delivered them at the designated meal times. Now that is love.

The sad thing is that I believe the Mormons don't have the right intellectual message to go along with their loving actions. Makes me wonder if those churches who have the right doctrinal beliefs but aren't filling their communities with love really have the right doctrinal beliefs. Jesus says that we will know them by their fruits. What do we know about many churches by their fruits? What do we know about the Mormons by their fruits?

Who bears the fruit of Christ in our communities?

I wonder if there is room in Antwerp for a community association that is focused on assembly loving Christians together and helping them spread the love of Christ to the community in tangible ways. But does the world need another para-church ministry? Is there a church in Antwerp that gives strangers three warm meals a day? Is there a church in Antwerp that individuals in the community know they can go to when they are in a slump? Maybe. But I don't know where it is. I wonder what kind of budget it would take to love the community of Antwerp the way God desires for it to be loved.

Watch out for the potholes.